Debt Collection in Hungary.

At Byrival, we handle debt collection through direct negotiations and reminders, progressing to judicial procedures when needed. We specialize in Fizetési meghagyásos eljárás (FMH) for undisputed claims and Polgári peres eljárás in disputed cases. This ensures compliance with Hungarian legal standards. Our approach combines local expertise with ethical practices, balancing effective recovery and debtor rights. Schedule a free consultation for debt collection in Hungary today.

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Service offering

No Cure = No Pay

All our debt collection services in Hungary adhere to a 'No Success, No Pay' policy. This means if we cannot recover your debt, you owe us nothing. If we do succeed, a commission fee is applied, which often can be recovered from the debtor as part of the settlement.

No Unexpected Costs

Byrival is dedicated to clear and honest practices. Our debt collection services charges straightforward fees, ranging between €75 and €175, with no hidden costs. We prioritize transparent and ethical methods in our debt recovery process, ensuring fairness and adherence to high standards.

Amicable Procedures

Our debt collection agency in Hungary focuses on resolving cases through conciliatory means, which is often faster and more cost-effective. This strategy has a high success rate, minimizing the need for more complex legal proceedings. We tailor our approach to match each client's preference, ranging from gentle to assertive, and provide regular updates through our online platform.

Legal Support

In situations that necessitate legal action in Hungary, our debt collection agency has an expansive network of adept law firms. They are well-versed in both local Hungarian laws and broader EU regulations relevant to debt collection. Our legal experts are committed to protecting your interests, skilfully guiding you through the intricacies of the Hungarian legal system for debt recovery.

Travel to Collect

Our 'Travel to Collect' service in Hungary involves our agents' visiting debtors, either locally or internationally, as needed. This direct and hands-on approach is highly effective for quick and complex debt recovery cases. We ensure every action complies with both Hungarian and international laws, aiming for professional and successful results in each case.

Hungarian Legal Experts

Our debt collection solicitors in Hungary consist of expert lawyers, well-versed not only in Hungarian debt collection laws but also in relevant EU regulations. This ensures that all legal procedures and communications are handled with precision, in compliance with both local and EU legal frameworks.

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Our process

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Before tackling a new case in Hungary, we start with detailed research on your debtor’s financial history. This important step helps us understand the reasons behind the unpaid invoice. We use international credit reports and key Hungarian financial databases such as the Hungarian National Bank (Magyar Nemzeti Bank) and the Company Information Service (Céginfo). This allows us to craft a strategy that’s specifically designed for your debtor’s unique situation, increasing the effectiveness of our debt collection efforts.


Efficient Collection

In Hungary, our debt collection process starts with issuing a ‘Payment Reminder’ (Fizetési Felszólítás), which clearly outlines the owed amount and sets a deadline for payment. We calculate any late payment fees based on your company’s terms, ensuring they comply with Hungarian law. This typically involves adding interest based on the central bank base rate of Hungary plus an additional percentage, in line with the Civil Code of Hungary.


Case Initiation

Upon accepting your case in Hungary, we quickly issue a Payment Reminder within 48 hours. This action aligns with the legal standards for debt collection in Hungary, focusing on ethical practices and proper communication with debtors.


Amicable Collection

In Hungary, our primary goal is to resolve debt collection cases amicably and avoid legal action where it’s feasible. This usually entails negotiating directly with debtors to establish payment plans or agree on settlements. We also lean towards alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, which are both time and cost-efficient for all parties involved. This strategy aligns with the ethos of fair and respectful debt collection.


Legal Collection

In situations where amicable resolution in Hungary is not successful, we are equipped to move towards legal proceedings, although this is relatively rare. In cases of dispute, we typically advise proceeding with the Polgári peres eljárás, which is the standard civil legal procedure in Hungary. During this process, both parties are required to present evidence supporting their claims. This legal approach ensures a structured and fair resolution in line with Hungarian law.



When we successfully recover your debt in Hungary, we issue an invoice for our service fee. Generally, this fee is expected to be paid by the debtor as part of the settlement. In the event that we are unable to secure the debt, you will not incur any service charges, adhering to our policy of charging fees only upon successful debt recovery.

Industries we operate in

At Byrival, our expertise as an international debt collection agency spans across various industries around the globe. Over the past 22+ years, we’ve built a wealth of knowledge in numerous sectors, thanks to our extensive and diverse clientele. Do you have cases outside these industries? No worries, we can still help you!


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FAQ on international debt collection

In Hungary, debt collection usually starts with amicable approaches such as direct communication and negotiation with the debtor. If these initial methods are unsuccessful, the process can escalate to legal action, following civil court procedures. In court, both parties have the opportunity to present their case.

Debt collection in Hungary is regulated by the Hungarian Civil Code and applicable EU regulations. Creditors are advised to conduct thorough assessments of debtors, ensure clear communication, adhere strictly to legal guidelines, maintain ethical practices, and seek professional help for more complex scenarios.

Yes, in Hungary, creditors are generally allowed to charge interest on overdue debts. The rate of interest, however, must comply with the terms agreed upon in the contract and Hungarian law, particularly regarding maximum permissible interest rates to avoid usury.

Before pursuing legal action in Hungary, it’s recommended to exhaust all amicable solutions. This includes sending reminders, negotiating payment plans, and possibly mediation. Legal action should be the last resort, as it can be time-consuming and costly. Documenting all communication and attempts to collect the debt amicably is also crucial for legal proceedings.

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