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Integrity and Excellence: The Byrival Promise for Outstanding Client Service

Since we started our journey in 2001, our team has been deeply committed to delivering the best international debt collection services for our clients. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on operating with integrity and tirelessly work every day to recover funds for our clients. Our commitment is not just to meet expectations, but to exceed them, ensuring the best local and overseas debt collection for our esteemed clients.

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Our background

Established in 2001, Byrival specializes in international B2B debt collection on a “No cure = No pay” basis, utilizing a proven and unique “Travel to Collect” approach. We are fully equipped to assist in recovering your finances almost anywhere across the globe.


The people behind Byrival are fully committed to achieve the best result and best service for our clients. We don’t want to be the biggest agency, we want to offer you the best service and results! With Byrival you aren’t a number, you are treated as a client and you always have your own contact person that is fully aware of your case(s). This personal touch is a hallmark of our relatively small team, which operates within a vast global network.

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Our values


We don’t like injustice and strive for integrity. We are always very clear and transparent towards our clients about their case(s), the possibilities to recover their money, the costs incurred and possible risks.

Customer oriented

The Byrival team preserves the integrity of our clients throughout the debt recovery process. We achieve this by adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and customer service, ensuring each client’s needs are met with the utmost attention and respect.


We take our job very seriously and do what we say we do. This sense of responsibility has earned us long-standing relationships with many of our clients, who appreciate the reliability and personal touch of our family-owned business.


Every client, whether small or big, receives the same level of professional treatment. This principle of professionalism extends equally to debtors. We treat everyone with respect and professionalism, which is particularly beneficial in cases where our clients wish to preserve their business relationships even after successful debt recovery.

Meet our team

Mark Weitjens

Bart Weitjens
Legal Advisor

Tessa Weitjens
Office Manager

Mandy van de Ruit
Office Manager

Maria Schnitfink

We collect debts worldwide.

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Why choose us


Professional Agency

We don’t have large call centers and dozens of employees, simply because we don’t want to be the biggest debt collection agency like our competitors, who are trying to recover money just by phone, which for many countries is not the most effective way. We want to offer our commercial clients professional service and the best results. Our client group consists of small private companies, medium sized companies and multinationals. Every client is treated the same, no doubt about that.


Long History

Our debt collection agency has been operating since 2001. Over the past two decades, we have mastered the complexities of debt collection across different jurisdictions. Our approach, perfected through years of experience, has proven successful in collecting debts both at home and abroad.


B2B Only

We only recover money for businesses from businesses, this is our area of expertise. We’re well-versed in the intricacies of B2B debt collection, a skill we’ve mastered over many years. This includes tackling the challenges of international collections and effectively resolving the complexities of recovering debts across different countries around the world.


We Don’t Give Up

Byrival will do anything legally possible to recover your money. We don’t simply give up on a case after a month or two if initial efforts don’t yield results. Instead, we persistently work towards debt collection until it’s either successfully recovered or it becomes unequivocally clear that no further recovery is possible. Throughout this process, we maintain close communication with our clients, ensuring that our actions are always in line with their preferences and agreements.


No Unexpected Costs

For each case we charge start-up fees between €75,- and €175,-. Why? Because we are not a large debt collection agency that accepts thousands of cases per month. Unlike larger debt collection agencies that may juggle thousands of cases monthly, often compromising individual case attention, we focus on handling each case effectively. We guarantee complete transparency: there will be no hidden fees or small print in our agreements.


Travel to Collect

A unique way of collecting debts: a personal visit to your debtor, anywhere in the world. This approach sets us apart from the competition and has proven to be both highly effective and swift in recovering funds for our clients. Our specialists are prepared to travel globally, ensuring we provide the best possible service in collecting debts on behalf of our clients.


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