Debt Collection in Poland.

Our team is proficient in Polish debt collection, effectively handling everything from simpler debt recoveries to complex legal processes where necessary. We typically start with ‘wezwanie do zapłaty’ (demand for payment) or ‘Nakaz zaplaty’ (payment order) in the pre-legal phase. Notably, 95% of our solved cases are resolved in the pre-judicial phase, emphasizing our focus on efficiency, saving costs and preserving business relationships for our clients.

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Service offering

No Cure = No Pay

Our debt collection company in Poland adheres to the 'No Cure = No Pay' policy. This means that if our debt collection agent is unable to recover your debt, you will not be charged any commission. In cases of successful debt recovery, a commission fee will be applicable, and in many instances, this can be reclaimed from the debtor.

No Unexpected Costs

For debt collection services in Poland, we maintain a clear and upfront start-up fee, typically ranging from €75 to €175. This ensures a focused and efficient management of your case, eliminating the worry of hidden fees or surprise costs.

Amicable Settlements

We prioritize resolving debt collection cases amicably. This approach is both time-efficient and cost-effective, and it aligns well with the Polish legal environment. Nine times out of ten solved cases, debtors tend to make payments during the out-of-court phase.

Legal Support

For legal actions in debt collection cases in Poland, we partner with trusted local law firms. There are two main methods: the injunction procedure for acknowledged debts and the accelerated procedure for claims under PLN 10,000. For disputed claims or debts over PLN 10,000, our expert team will navigate the suitable procedure, ensuring a smooth process.

Travel to Collect

We also offer a 'Travel to Collect' service. If necessary, our debt collection agent is prepared to visit debtors in-person, either within Poland or abroad, to facilitate quicker debt recovery.

Personalized Service

You will have a dedicated contact person for your debt collection case. This personal touch ensures tailored advice, consistent updates, and a comprehensive understanding of the progress of your case, keeping you informed every step of the way.

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Our process

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Before starting any debt collection case, our team conducts thorough research, including looking into Polish debtor databases. These include the Polish National Court Register (KRS) for company registrations and financial records, the Polish Central Register of Debtors (KRD) for debt-related information, Business Registers (REGON) for business identification, and Tax Office records for tax compliance assessment. This research is crucial for understanding the debtor’s financial position, allowing us to create a tailored and effective strategy to recover debts successfully.


Efficient Collection

Our practical approach involves assessing cases for a real chance of recovery and first employing extrajudicial measures like demands for payment, negotiating settlements, and listing debts in debt registers.


Start Case

Speed is crucial in debt collection. As soon as we take on your case, we act fast. Within the first 24 hours, we issue formal demands for payment, known as “wezwanie do zapłaty.” The demand letter we send to your Polish debtor will clearly state the amount due and request payment. It will be tailored to your specific case and written in Polish for clarity and effectiveness.


Amicable Collection

If our initial ‘demand for payment’ (wezwanie do zapłaty) to your Polish debtor doesn’t elicit a response, we don’t stop. We follow up with a ‘final payment reminder’ (przedsądowe wezwanie do zapłaty) and phone contact. Experience shows that debtors often pay after direct communication, which can also resolve misunderstandings. We always aim for an amicable resolution, with 95% of our successful cases resolved this way. This approach is cost-effective, efficient, and helps maintain business relationships, often resolving disputes more quickly.


Legal Collection

If we didn’t have success in the amicable phase, we can move on with the judicial phase. These include the injunction procedure for already acknowledged debts or the accelerated procedure for claims less than PLN 10,000. We will advise our clients to decide which route is best for your case.



After successfully retrieving your funds in Germany, Byrival issues a commission invoice, often covered by the debtor. In cases where debt recovery isn’t possible, you incur no charges.

Industries we operate in

At Byrival, our expertise as an international debt collection agency spans across various industries around the globe. Over the past 22+ years, we’ve built a wealth of knowledge in numerous sectors, thanks to our extensive and diverse clientele. Do you have cases outside these industries? No worries, we can still help you!


We collect debts worldwide.

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FAQ on international debt collection

In Poland, the statute of limitations for debt collection varies depending on the type of debt and legal circumstances. Generally, the statute of limitations for most civil claims is 10 years. However, for certain claims, such as claims related to the sale of goods or services, the statute of limitations may be shorter, typically 3 years. It’s important to note that the specific details of each case can affect the statute of limitations, so it’s advisable to consult with a legal expert to determine the applicable limitation period for a particular debt collection matter.

Byrival initiates the extrajudicial process by sending a formal notice of default to the debtor. This letter sets a final payment deadline. During this phase, clients have access to dedicated debt collection specialist to monitor the collection progress closely. We assist clients with any questions they may have during this phase.

More than 95% of the cases we solve, are solved in the extra-judicial phase. However, for those who do not, different judicial routes are available. These include the injunction procedure for acknowledged debts and the accelerated procedure for claims under PLN 10,000. Byrival’s specialists assist clients in determining the appropriate route for their case to minimize surprises.

Once a judgment is obtained, it is enforced by a local bailiff who can seize various assets, including movable property, income, bank accounts, and more. Fast and decisive action by the bailiff maximizes the chances of successful debt collection.

If a debtor has been declared bankrupt, Byrival can file the client’s claim with the competent Polish court. We can also use the threat of bankruptcy as a means of pressuring the debtor to pay promptly. We advise clients to take action promptly in bankruptcy cases due to tight deadlines.

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