International Debt Collection Service.

You have tried everything to collect the outstanding invoices from your client, but still didn’t succeed. At this point it’s time to hand over your case to Byrival. When your client is in another country, you face challenges like language barriers and different legal systems. Effective long-distance communication is key in these situations, and that’s where Byrival comes in. We specialize in international debt collection, helping you navigate these complexities with a tailored strategy.

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Our Services include

No Cure = No Pay

We work on a No Cure = No Pay basis. This means that you don’t have to pay any commission fees if we don’t recover your money. If we do succeed, we send you a commission fee invoice which might have already been paid by the debtor.

No Unexpected Costs

As one of the most trusted international debt collectors, at Byrival, we're upfront about our fees to avoid surprises. For each new debt collection case, we charge a start-up fee between €75 and €175. This approach helps us manage our workload effectively, ensuring each case gets the attention it deserves. Rest assured, there are no hidden charges or confusing terms in our agreements – just clear, straightforward pricing with no unexpected costs.

Amicable Recovery

Our Amicable Recovery approach prioritizes resolving debts efficiently and harmoniously, avoiding lengthy and costly legal proceedings. Remarkably, 95% of our successful cases are settled amicably, a testament to our successful 'Travel to Collect' approach, which fosters direct, personal engagement for cooperative resolutions.

Legal Procedures

In less than 5% of the cases we handle, a legal procedure is needed to recover the money. We have partnerships with law firms internationally to make sure we have the right lawyer to handle your case and represent you in court.

Travel to Collect

Our unique approach. A personal visit to your debtor, anywhere in the world, is the most effective and quick way to recover your money. Our specialists travel all around the globe to collect money on behalf of our customers. Yes, worldwide.

Dedicated Support

Every client at Byrival is assigned a personal contact, an expert who is deeply familiar with your case and dedicated to your specific needs. Contact your dedicated account manager to discuss your case and the collection strategy.

Let’s start

Get Free Expert Advise.

For personalized advice tailored to your debt collection needs, don't hesitate to reach out to a Byrival specialist today. We are happy to answer your questions.

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we operate worldwide

Byrival is ready to help you to recover your money almost anywhere in the world. Over the past 22 years we have recovered a lot of money for our 300+ customers in all continents. Based in Holland, we maintain a global reach, connecting with debtors worldwide.


With our unique “Travel to Collect” approach, our debt recovery agents have personally visited debtors in more than 60 countries. Should a debtor fail to pay, we closely collaborate with you to discuss and determine the next steps, ensuring a tailored approach for each unique case. A personal visit is one of the most effective and fastest ways to recover your money.

Learn more about debt collection in specific countries.

As a global and overseas debt collection agency, Byrival has the expertise to recover debts in almost every corner of the world. To understand how we can assist you in a specific country, simply select your debtor’s country from our list to view the collection options available there. We’re constantly expanding our reach, adding more countries to our list. If your debtor’s country isn’t currently included, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to discuss and explore all possible avenues to recover your funds, regardless of location.

Our benefits



Established in 2001, our company has a long history of helping hundreds of companies recover their debts. Our experienced team of collectors is always ready to provide you with the assistance you need.


International Network

For specific cases we might need assistance from a local debt recovery agent or lawyer. Over the past two decades, Byrival has built an international network of lawyers and partners who can assist us when needed.


Travel to Collect

Our skilled debt collection agents travel all around the world to visit debtors personally. This has proven to be the most effective and fastest way to recover most debts for our clients.


Personal Contact

Once you’re a client, you will have a personal contact within our firm, a private debt collection expert who is completely familiar with your case and motivated to offer you the best results.


Professional Service

We treat every customer the same, with Byrival you are not just a number. Most of our customers stay with us for many years because of our honesty and professional service.



We treat every customer the same, with Byrival you are not just a number. Most of our customers stay with us for many years because of our honesty and professional service.


We collect debts worldwide.

Contact us to discuss your case.

Industries we operate in

At Byrival, our expertise as an international debt collection agency spans across various industries around the globe. Over the past 22+ years, we’ve built a wealth of knowledge in numerous sectors, thanks to our extensive and diverse clientele. Do you have cases outside these industries? No worries, we can still help you!

FAQ on international debt collection

If your company is doing business with foreign companies, there is a high risk of having unpaid invoices. Your debtor is located in a different country, with different languages, morals and laws. Unpaid bills can occur for several reasons, for example: a dispute, cash flow problems, financial problems, insolvency or bankruptcy. It’s also possible that your debtor just doesn’t want to pay, doesn’t have money to pay or they are scammers.  To tackle these challenges, you can engage an international debt collection agency. Specializing in global debt recovery, we’re equipped to handle these complexities and are ready to assist you. Contact us today to start recovering your funds.

Collecting debts internationally is not easy. You have to deal with local laws and use the right strategy to recover the debt. When we start a new case, we do a complete credit check on the debtor, to find out about their financial situation, assets, company status and check if there are other debt collection cases or legal procedures registered.

In the Amicable stage, we contact the debtor by registered mail, email, phone, text, and any other possible way to recover your money. With our successful “Travel to Collect” approach, we can personally visit your debtor almost anywhere in the world. If the Amicable collection didn’t succeed, we can start a legal procedure and our local network of lawyers can represent you in court.

Our global collections agency offers a mix of practical experience and legal expertise in debt collection, to deliver the best results in debt collection. Our unique and effective ‘Travel to Collect’ approach sets us apart, as we personally visit your debtor to recover your funds. We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality debt collection service, characterized by transparent pricing and a high success rate, ensuring you receive the most effective solution for your needs.

If we don’t collect, we don’t get paid: No Cure = No Pay. That’s why our recovery agents do their utmost to recover your money. We do charge start-up fees between €75,- and €175,- to start a new case. Our primary objective is to recover your money, including any legal interest and collection costs, directly from the debtor. We ensure there are no hidden or additional costs without your written approval. In cases where legal action is necessary, we will send a quotation upfront. This fee, approved and agreed upon by you, needs to be paid before we commence any legal proceedings. Our pricing structure is designed to be transparent and aligned with your successful debt recovery.

Starting an international debt collection case with us is straightforward. When you’re ready to engage our services, simply submit your case using the Contact form on our website. You’ll have the opportunity to attach any relevant documents such as invoices, balance statements, correspondence, or other pertinent materials. Within 24 hours, on working days, we’ll review your submission and get in touch with you to provide a proposal and discuss the next steps.

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